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You can detox with your breath.

Updated: 5 days ago

When we are tense everything is constricted: muscles, arteries, lungs. Deep breathing relaxes our system which increases blood flow, releases toxins, and opens up lung tissue.

Breathing releases carbon monoxide, which is very important to fully release. Breathing is in charge of 70% of cleansing the body of toxins, the other 30% is through bladder and bowels. If you do not breathe fully, your body works overtime to release these toxins.

Breathwork is also amazing for building your immune system and immunity as a whole. Like the heart pumps blood around the body, deep conscious breaths pump lymph fluid and improving the bodies immunity.

Take a few minutes a day to focus on you inhalation and exhalation. Inhale deeply until you feel your belly full of air. Hold your breath for 2-3 seconds and exhale slowly and deeply until all air is released from the body.

A great breathwork practice targeted at detoxing the body

Place the tip of your tongue against the ridge behind your upper teeth and exhale completely through your mouth so that you make a whoosh sound.

Close your mouth and inhale deeply through your nose for a count 4, hold your breath for 7 counts, then exhale through your mouth for a count of 8.

Repeat for 3 or up to 5 mins first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. This practice detoxes mental health issues reducing anxiety, physical health issues by helping a person get to sleep and managing cravings and emotional health issues by aiding in controlling or reducing anger responses.

Our class BREATHE commences Wednesday 20th July. Book online to attend.

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