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Let's get you aligned

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Nervous System Practitioner Session: clearing blockages in the spine to heal physical pain, injuries, emotional pain, mind stress, depression and anxiety.

Spinal Flow Practitioner Sessions

 Increase the messaging from the afferent spinal nerves that carry the information from the body to the brain, signalling healing and the efferent spinal nerves carrying the information from the brain to the body to signal how to heal and align the body. Our brain is the master controller and has the ability to heal the body once spinal blockages are removed. 

Physical trauma, emotional trauma and chemicals can cause blockages in the spine. Spinal blockages are a bit like static interference for our master controller the brain – the spine and nervous system – which can block the flow of our body’s aptitude to heal.


I work with clearing those blockages using SPINAL FLOW, yoga, and breathwork, helping people's nervous system to flow freely from the brain into the body and the body back into the brain so that its natural innate healing abilities can occur in all areas of the body.

Please note - if you have not been to the practice before you must book a consultation and one-hour session for a full physical assessment. 

Are part of our retreat programs.
A Consultation must be done before the first session to allow a full assessment and review before the first session commences. You can book a session with the consultation so that it follows the assessment.

Important Session Information

Under 16 clients must be accompanied by a parent

If you are wanting to attend with your family session packages can be used by the whole family.

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