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Tribe Akeso is I AM WHOLE's charity organisation. We assist with running programs, collaborating with partners that share our beliefs, setting up events around Australia for Hospitals, Youth Groups, Charities, Rehabilitation, Youth Criminal Rehabilitation, and Adult Criminal Rehabilitation Centres and Organisations.


Tribe Akeso began when becoming very present to how lucky we are in life. We first started with a Food Truck Festival with entertainment for Princess Margaret Hospital on-site for all patients, their families, and staff.  A Christmas event to assist with the depression that broke out in the wards annually with not being able to go home.  


This Christmas event had three food trucks, 3 young WA Perth Entertainers, Super Hero's which visited the wards of those that could not come down.  It also included furniture and all advertising materials.

From there we hosted Sound Meditation classes early Wednesday Mornings at 6 am for the staff of Princess Margret & Fiona Stanely Nurses and Doctor's. This was to bring mindfulness to attendees who were beginning or finishing their shifts.

Whilst Alisa was doing her yoga teaching training she was required to donate time teaching an eight-week program to three different organizations.  She chose aged care, a family center where women could attend with their families (in a low-income area in Perth) and the Quadrapelgeic Hospital in Perth.


During her time she witnessed the Aged Care students being able to touch their toes again and the students expressed they now had better balance preventing falls and injuries.  When working with the quadriplegic patients she witnesses a woman cry with joy after moving her left arm, she had been in the chair for 50 years and never had experience movement on the left side of her body after her accident. This went into a slight movement in the leg too. When working with the women in the Family center she had a woman come to her and say she had found the courage and strength to apply for university after having something release during the sound meditation after the yoga class.

Troy has worked with rugby clubs teaching them the ability to bring their focus away from fear and unite as a team. He has trained competitive boxers and children's boxing classes. Troy has been called upon by many parents who needed support in helping their child find the path out of anxiety, depression, and destruction. Over the years he has also helped men with private sessions with Meditation, Yoga, Boxing, and NLP mindset work helping them to taking control of their thoughts.  He uses his own transformation to be the stand that this is possible for others.

If you have you have a charity or organisation that requires a donation of time we are currently offering once a month day programs. We create specific programs reviewing what the client is looking to achieve.  It can be tailored to Yoga, Meditation, Sound Meditation, NLP, and, or Nutrition.

Please phone 0411 315 007 and speak to Alisa about what you are looking to achieve.

Two Flamingos

Flamingo Meaning, and Messages

The Flamingo symbolism is reminding you to get in touch with your emotions. It is a good idea to allow yourself to feel so that you can process your feelings. This beautiful bird's energy will enable you to grow through releasing issues.


In other words, if you bottle things up, you will find yourself reacting rather than acting appropriately. Therefore, the Flamingo meaning dictates that you must allow yourself to release your feelings so that you can come into balance again.

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