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Let's get healthy

You can book a session online.

Nutrition Consultation

International clients can have apt on Skype or What's Ap

 When the body is constantly fighting to try and stay healthy, we struggle. Removing toxins from our body, often caused by processed food, stress and the environment, helps our digestive system.  By introducing dense nutrients you will achieve a healthy weight and increase your energy for life. Being able to handle the stresses of everyday living, family and work.  We have no idea the stress we put on ourselves by not eating correctly. Feeding our body, the correct fuels allow us to see the world through vital eyes. We are no longer surviving but have the energy to achieve goals because our thoughts are most positive when we are not exhausted and can enjoy the vitality of a healthy lifestyle.

I AM WHOLE will work with you on an individual basis to achieve measurable improvements in your health through nutrition whilst removing toxins from your body.  We can assist with a detox plan, immunity plan, nutritional plan that works for you as an individual, weight loss plans, as well as parasite and candida cleanses.


In Practise Nutrition Consultations are in the Pilbara Western Australia. International clients, we can do take appointments on Skype, Zoom and What’s Ap.

(Under 16) Health Program or Healing Program

(Adults)Weight loss program or Health program

(Adults)Detox, Cleanse Healing program

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easier once your body and mind are getting the correct fuel.  This starts with a balanced diet that is tailored to you.  We also give supplement, detox, rejuvenation, healing, cleansing, rebuilding and maintenance plans. We want to look at how the digestive system is working and focus on digestive support by removing toxins from our constitution and then allowing the body to rebuild itself with the correct fueling and support.

(Adults)Detox, Cleanse, Healing program, Maintenance program Skype Follow up session.

Important Session Information

Under 16 clients for all sessions must be accompanied by a parent

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I AM WHOLE  Holistic Practitioner services are all based around helping people heal the mind, body, and emotional pain body by using our training in health, energy, and mind/coaching work. We aim to integrate new knowledge or a new perception for you to take into your world. 


​​For anyone who has a  disability or significant illness, please contact I AM WHOLE direct and we can evaluate your circumstances against the prices.  We are happy to work on this with you so you can heal. We also donate classes, sessions, and programs to hospitals, community programs and correction services, please visit our Trike Akeso page to get more information on these holistic programs.​

I AM WHOLE promotes that when we go within, when we heal, repair, and align ourselves with peace, good health, great movement, and by letting go of the past no matter how severe, the world we live in transforms.

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