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Holistic Practitioner Sessions


Let's discover balance

& harmony

Dampier, The Pilbara. Some sessions are Online.

Deep Dive Emotional, Mental, Trauma For Release (using a combination of healing modalities) 

If you need support and help to heal your trauma then you have landed on the right page. Recovery is the ability to live without being overwhelmed by thoughts and feelings of the past. Trauma is helplessness, uncontrolled, emotional outbursts, isolation and the loss of power and control. The guiding principles of trauma recovery are the restoration of safety and empowerment. . This is an in-depth session dealing with past trauma. 


Every session varies from client to client, but during our sessions, we acknowledge your feelings. The more you understand your emotional world, the more you can digest your feelings in healthy ways. We work through the past trauma on the table. Often, there are things we carry around for years that stem back to childhood.


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Important Session Information

I AM WHOLE  Holistic Practitioner services are all based around helping people heal the mind, body, and emotional pain body by using our training in health, energy, and mind/coaching work. We aim to integrate new knowledge or a new perception for you to take into your world. 


After the Energy Healing, Reiki Healing, and private Sound Practitioner Session, we strongly suggest that you take the rest of the day to integrate and rest from the internal work.

​​For anyone who has a  disability or significant illness, please contact I AM WHOLE direct and we can evaluate your circumstances against the prices.  We are happy to work on this with you so you can heal. We also donate classes, sessions, and programs to hospitals, community programs and correction services, please visit our Trike Akeso page to get more information on these holistic programs.​

I AM WHOLE promotes that when we go within, when we heal, repair, and align ourselves with peace, good health, great movement, and by letting go of the past no matter how severe, the world we live in transforms.

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