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Transform your working environment into vitality

I AM WHOLE comes to your place of work so that change can happen in the working environment.

Call today for a free online or in-person meeting about creating wellness transformation in your workspace, or office environment.

Give your employees the education, support and tools they need to support their wellbeing and increase your employee's engagement.


I AM WHOLE create a tailored wellbeing program or seminar using movement options for desk work (chair yoga), breathwork and meditation exercises to minimise and eliminate stress, nutrition information for vitality, and Neuro-Linguistic training to help remove blocks to achieve personal and business success.

Help your employees overcome day-to-day stress. Stress limits an employee's production of quality work, and by teaching them tools to find a balance of peace and strength, you can transform your workspace into a happier space and a focused, target-meeting, alive workspace. 


Build a healthier, more engaged workforce by addressing the fundamental pillars of well-being with I AM WHOLE.

Remote and International Programs

I AM WHOLE, can assist corporations with sessions in regional and remote locations.  We construct programs using many modalities to maximise her focus and minimise stress. Please inquire via email to set up a Skype meeting to see if one of the I AM WHOLE online Corporate Wellness Programs is suitable for your company.

About the facilitator

Before I AM WHOLE, Alisa Liddiard-Colman worked in a very stressful working environment and roles.  She was able to climb the corporate ladder, not only achieving but exceeding all working targets and goals.  Little did many know that Alisa practised yoga and meditation daily, and studied health, breathwork and other modalities to maximise her focus and minimise her stress. She learnt how to create organisational lists and how to visualise goals into reality. Alisa broke down her old programming to strive towards constant success.


When COVID-19 hit Alisa's International's role changed as many did, faced with the challenge of what do we do now. Alisa knew it was time to transition into helping others achieve their wellness goals, turning her casual interest in health into a full-time company helping others to achieve WHOLENESS with I AM WHOLE.

Meditation Class
Laughing Yoga
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