Hali from Halka B designed this as a unisex blend.  A cologne is more subtle than a parfum. Both parfum and colgones are available.


Every Eau de Cologne has a character of its own. As we don’t work with isolates but pure raw materials, you will find that each cologne is offering you a unique aromatic journey as it unfolds and blends with your own natural vibrations. An Eau de Cologne is the lightest application and is 100% pure fine essential oils diluted in a houseblend of natural perfumers alcohol and hydrosol which is a by-product of the distillation process. 


A call from the Tobacco is an honour not to be ignored.


Let me connect with the Shaman inside of you that you all are. My call comes from one of the most ancient healing plants – the Tobacco. A call from the Tobacco is an honour not to be ignored.

My aim is to open doorways for you to your own dimensions of depth where you can feel the universal connection of all that is. Out of this core, I invite you to experience fully. And, thus, become alive to an intensity that is hidden to the practical self. Experience the boundless sense of joy and passion.

I invite you to be present and from that connection open yourself up to what your sense are feeding. Let your mind serve you well.

Enjoy the Shamanic dance and live fully & passionately.

Essential Oils in Shaman: Tobacco, Australian Grade A Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Patchouli Heart, Vetiver, Cedar, Copal, Sage, Palo Santo, Grapefruit, White Fir, Rosewood, Black Pepper, Juniper Berry, Bergamot, Clary Sage, Tasmanian Green Pepper & Agarwood (Oudh)

Eaux de Parfum & Cologne: Sandalwood Hydrosol & Natural Perfumer’s Alcohol

Lovingly created by nature – blended by Halka B.

Please note that the Eau de Cologne & Eau de Parfum version of this natural perfume can only be sent via road within Australia and is not available to for international transfer. 


This is written by Hali from Halka B.

Halka B Shaman Natural Eau de Cologne

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