This month will still be under the influence of Mercury Retrograde until the 22nd February, having us contemplate, redo and rethink our plans. After the 22nd, Mercury will continue to move through its shadow period up to the end of the month, so we could still be experiencing the after-effects of the Retrograde.

There will also be an emphasis of Aquarian energy as 6 planets will have moved into this sign having it culminate with the most important New Moon of the year happening on 12th February. Mars and Uranus will Square this 6 planet stellium in Aquarius bringing friction, frustration and a strong rebellious energy. We may feel the need to break free from the old ideas and systems of thought. This New Moon is anything but maintaining the status quo, it’s about moving out of our old skins and mental comfort zones. It’s just another shift toward living our authentic selves. However, remember to keep your vibration high at this time and refrain from entering into any arguments or battles.

On the 18th February, Saturn in Aquarius will Square Uranus in Taurus which is the first of three alignments between these two planets in 2021. The effect of this Square will be felt from the beginning of the month as these are slow moving planets and it’s the main astrological event of the year. During 2020 there was a breaking down of the old structures that no longer served us. This year we will see shakeups and a restructuring of our money systems, value systems and sense of self-worth after the collapse of the old paradigms. We will start to release the restrictions that have limited our freedom and begin to think more independently to create lives more in alignment with what we truly value.

The Full Moon in Virgo on 27th February brings a culmination of any ideas or plans that we may have tried to initiate since the beginning of the year. Virgo energy helps to organise and focus on the finer details of our plans moving forward. As Uranus will be making a positive aspect to the Full Moon, tangible changes can now be made to liberate ourselves on a material level.

Astrology By Katrina

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