October 2020 Release, evolvement and a deeper understanding about you!

Planetary energies for October by Katrina Reid

(The dates provided are for Australia please be aware that it may be one date earlier or one date later depending on where you are in the world)

I AM WHOLE has recently asked Astrologer and Numerologist Katrina Reid to jump on board the I AM WHOLE team to share the energies available monthly. We believe that Astrology is a map of our ancient ancestors. When we become aware of what is available, we can alter change and re-direct our awareness and self-work for evolvement spiritually, emotionally and materially.

This year has been a massive year of evolvement and learning, filled with significant, bold transits. We have three months left in 2020 and before we end this year. First, I would like to share a bit about the energy of a 4 year = 2+0+2+0 = 4. The theme of this year is stepping up in challenging times to work towards your true desires and goals. It’s about building a solid foundation whilst courageously facing what has been holding us back. A 4 year is about action; there is no hiding, but it pushes you to manifest your goals. If you were to think of a few keywords, it would be Devotion, Courage and Faith.

With looking at the last few months of 2020, Mars is in retrograde until 14th November; this will square off with the big boy planets; Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. These three planets energies have been the leading players this year, forcing us to let go of the outworn structures in our lives that have been holding us back from our real purpose. These structures could be our beliefs, perspectives, inner fears, situations or people that are no longer serving our highest good.

The planet Mars is the energy of quick forward motion and independent action towards our wants and needs, and this planet’s energy is currently being blocked, causing us to feel frustrated and angry. There is always evolvement available in turmoil. Instead of fighting blindly against this immovable force, our goal is to go within to contemplate on where you may have limited yourself. Ask yourself where do you need to have the courage and maturity to move forward slowly. If we embrace this as a spiritual process with an understanding that this work must be done one step at a time towards something you may have always wanted. The job at hand requires focus, discipline, perseverance and quiet assertiveness.

Our aggression may flare up with the frustration of how slow this process is but aggression must not be used as the force to achieve your goals.

The Aries full moon on 1st October highlighted this Mars energy of independent action towards our wants and needs, but it also may have revealed an emotional wound from the past that has been holding us back. Give yourself time this month to go within and contemplate to allow its healing and releasing of this wound. Journaling may be a useful tool for releasing and even uncovering this wound.

Mercury will turn retrograde today on 13th October until 4th November in Scorpio and Uranus will be opposing it. This transit could bring the element shocks and surprises into your life due to secrets being revealed by yourself or others. It is a time of becoming aware of the information we were not previously aware of.

We may need to rethink or re-evaluate certain aspects or areas in our lives. Generally, during a Mercury retrograde, communication, technology, and travel can be problematic as it’s a time to become more focused on our internal state rather than the external. This energy can cause possible mishaps and mistakes which can bring about the surfacing of frustration and anger. However, we must remember forgiveness, patience and compassion for others during this time of frustration and anger, as we’re all going through an intense time.

The New Moon in Libra on 17th October will herald the energies of balance, harmony and justice. However, due to the current disruptive but transformative energies already surrounding us, we may only arrive at a more balanced and harmonious state after our false sense of harmony has gone through some upheaval.

The second full moon this month will be in Taurus on 31st October. Yes, that’s right we have two full moons in October. Uranus will be conjunct this full moon indicating there may be more shocks and surprises for further enlightenment and change. If you have been working within this year all be well and you will be ready for this work of finding peace in the turn of events that occur. There is work required, but it doesn’t have to be severe. If we meditate, journal and breathe more deeply, we can find new ways to deal with situations that bring about change through disharmony.

Know that no matter what’s going on in our lives, it’s always happening for our highest good. We are going through the process of change to become our true authentic selves, freely following our path while allowing others to do the same.

Life is for loving, living and evolving,

Katrina Reid

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