November 2020 Planetary Energies

During the month of November a lot of frustration will begin to ease as planets begin to turn

direct after being retrograde. However, we are still going through a period of

transformation and change which can create tension. All for our highest good of


The first to turn direct, will be Mercury on 4th of November. This usually indicates

an easing up of mistakes and mishaps regarding communication that we could

have been experiencing during the retrograde. However, it may not be until after

the 6th of November before we really feel an easing up.

Mercury squares Saturn on the 1st of November and then again on 6th of November indicating a time of misunderstandings, critical thinking or negative thinking. Just try to remember that we may have a tendency to lean more towards the negative rather than the

positive during this time so that things don’t become too difficult or heavy for

everyone. Awareness is key!

The next planet to turn direct is Mars on the 14th November. If you were feeling

angry or frustrated, not being able to move forward on something important or some area

of life, there won’t be as many stops and starts now as the pathway becomes a

bit smoother. Keep taking the steps towards your desired goals though, as you’ll

still need to apply effort and have courage if you want to succeed.

The New Moon in Scorpio on 15th November can have us delving deeply into our

feelings. We may desire meaningful emotional exchanges now more than at any

other time which can make us feel a bit tense as it’s helping with transformation

and change. Shallow relationships won’t satisfy us at this time.

On the 17th November Mercury will be opposing Uranus for the third and last

time since Mercury went Retrograde. Mercury will be in Scorpio indicating more

surprises, secrets being revealed and things coming to light that we weren’t

aware of.

Finally, on 30th November there is a Lunar Eclipse in Gemini. We are encouraged

to let go of whatever is no longer serving the soul. It is a time to release, purge

and possibly saying goodbye. A culmination like this always occurs before a new

beginning. Just like this whole year, again, we’re being asked to let go of

something, even if it’s a thought pattern, that’s no longer serving our highest


All will be well!

Katrina Reid

Astrologer & Numerologist

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