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Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Covid-19 was the turning point from taking my passion into a professional space as a Holistic Practitioner. I have been working with people running Sound Meditation Classes, Yoga & Meditation Classes for the last four years. The majority of my holistic side work was Energy Healing & Breathwork. I dove into learning to heal myself and others five years ago when leaving our family business, Solomon's Organic Cafe, located in Perth.

Study costs money, so I worked on myself and grew professionally when leaving Solomon's attracting positions in the role of Marketing, Digital Marketing and Sales. Did I face some fears during the time from giving birth to my Son to now? In between some pretty big roles, I also packed shelves at Target in the stock rooms and did some small contract work on social media pages.

Most people would not know that 11 years ago, I was known as a single mother, bankrupt and diagnosed with dyslexia. I had very little education outside of hospitality on job, but always worked hard at whatever I put my mind too. Back then, I had experienced terrible romantic relationships. I had no self-confidence and no self-worth. I had started healing with some incredible healers in my early twenties and have always taken an interest in crystals, nutrition, yoga and other spiritual work from Louise Hayes and Wayne Dyer. However, my life actions were mirroring the pain I had inside.

It wasn't until I was thirty and became solely responsible for my Son's experience on Earth did I start to work more deeply on myself. Meditating, listening & reading affirmations, journaling, vision boards, Hot Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, detoxing. I saw healers more regularly seeing them two to three times a year. I was a body of pain, but I was willing to face this pain so my Son could experience a better life.

I devoted myself to raising my Son, getting my financials in order, growing professionally, and studying in the holistic field. I had very little time for friends and today I am very grateful for my family and a few special friends that have weathered those isolated times with me.

Miracles started to occur. My dyslexia became non-existent. Who would have thought that I could have been writing content for national and international pieces. I married my incredible husband, who has adopted our Son, have a happy little eleven-year-old. I bought my own home and now share a small portfolio of investments with my husband. With COVID-19 shutting down travel was now saying goodbye to my current position as the Director of Marketing & Sales looking after South East Asia Pacific for an International resort chain, what a huge achievement.

When I was stood down from my work, I could have resisted the change, but I said goodbye and many thanks to my current employer. I was so grateful for everything I was trusted in to achieve during the time in my role/s. I had gone within and knew the Universe was telling me it was time for us to begin what my husband and I had been dreaming about; creating a holistic practice for people to heal. A place that hosts; yoga, meditation and sound meditation classes. A place that helps people detox and understand fuelling their body. A place where they could heal their past trauma and train their minds to produce results and achieve their goals.

The one thing that we are most passionate about is helping people clear the clutter so they can connect with themselves. Healing old wounds and pain whilst taking control of their thoughts, we know this is the only way to transform and find the energy and dedication to making such massive changes in your life. We wanted to be the place available for their transformation.

My husband and I are living standing examples of when you work on going within when you challenge your old ways of being when you focus on what you want instead of what you no longer want and allow yourself to heal, anything is possible. You open yourself up to the magic of transformation, walking on the destined path.

We hope that you enjoy our Wellness Products, Practitioner Sessions, Reiki Courses, Yoga, Meditation and Sound Healing Classes.

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