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Explore the Universal Life Force at I AM WHOLE.

Reiki is an old form of Japanese energy healing that saw its rise come through the work of Dr. Mikao Usui in the early 1900s. Developed as a complementary to a healthy overall life, Reiki endeavors to provide healing to both mind and body through the hands of studied practitioners. Individuals looking to pursue the practice of Reiki may be interested in pursuing Crystal Reiki courses at our boutique studio, I AM WHOLE. Developed to provide individuals with the tools and practice that they need to find success in the holistic world of health, I AM WHOLE can help you become the Reiki practitioner you've always dreamed.

A traditional Reiki session will involve the patient sitting or lying comfortably while the practitioner works with their energy. Typically, Reiki healing does not involve any direct contact though some practitioners prefer to incorporate forms of massage therapy into their work. Proponents of crystal Reiki courses enjoy the additional benefit that comes from the use of specially tuned crystals, some of which you can see in our online holistic health shop.

Regular Reiki treatment sessions do not promise to completely evolve your health. Instead, they should be considered a complementary aspect to an already healthy and focused life. With that being said, individuals who pursue our regular Reiki healing Greenwood services report lessened anxiety, reduction in stress, and even improved vitality in other areas of their life. Put plainly, regular Reiki healing Greenwood service can tangibly improve your life.

I AM WHOLE is dedicated to helping you down the path toward health and wellness. Contact our team today or stop by our online holistic health shop for further information!

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