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Talking to teens about the importance of staying away from drugs and alcohol (with alcohol the importance of waiting to be of age). Avoiding violence, how to deal with bullying, and most importantly coming back to knowing who they are during the most confusing years. Working through anxiety and/or depression, helping teens see a brighter future is possible.  Helping them discover their dreams and giving them some solid tools to achieve them. We will give all teens tools on how to not only manage stress but transform stress effectively to achieve their dream future.

The classes will be spaced out please join our social media page and our database to be kept up to date

The topics we will be covering;

  1. Dealing with ourselves, others, anxiety, reactions and words and actions that don’t feel good

  2. TEAMWORKORK everywhere you go. Teamwork and leadership.

  3. WHO are you in the world? 

  4. Violence is the long road. What the short road looks like. Confidence holds all the courage you need.

  5. Attitude is everything. Emotions don't need to run wild. Mindset.

  6. What does your future look like and how to set the goals to achieve it? 

  7. The power of the words, good and bad. NEVER speak ill of anyone it is only poisoning you. Positivity and respect paths the way forward.

  8. Dealing with pressures in the community, friends, and self.

  9. Kindness cures.  Freedom is everything!

  10. Giving yourself and others the freedom to be them.

  11. Taking control of our thoughts and emotions to create a better world.

  12. What possibilities are available for us now that we know who we are in the world?

  13. How to celebrate all the good to come and review the changes that have taken place.

13 kids for 13 weeks plus an additional two spots for a complete sponsorship upon the application process. 


The Science – whilst we are working through all the above with guest speakers (TBA), art therapy projects, wellness activities and group activities.  We will start and end every session with a meditation that aims to teach everyone how to use certain brain states of enhanced awareness.  We will use several systematic mental processes while in these states allowing a person to mentally project with specific intent. The information obtained in these states can be acted upon later to solve problems.

We will also be teaching breathwork techniques as a tool to ground themselves in anxious moments.  We hope after they learn this Teens can effectively use a deep breathing exercise to relax before tests, calm down when they're feeling upset or stressed, and get to sleep more easily.

Whilst we work through some big topics, we hope to inspire many to avoid or re-route any paths of destruction. Throughout the whole program, we will be working on mindset; Desire, and thinking about what they want to accomplish. Belief is critical to their success.  Expectancy, they must expect that they will accomplish their goal. Learning to be positive and pleasant, is important so they are creating for themselves. Do not respond to the pain of others it is equally as bad and won’t allow you to move forward. How to be compassionate for all whilst being strong and setting solid self-boundaries. Visualise and the accomplish goal. Let’s Go!

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