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I AM WHOLE classes
I AM WHOLE classes
I AM WHOLE holistic practitioner

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Youth Classes, Education, Programs

I AM WHOLE holistic education program and classes emphasise respect for all, this includes the Earth as well as all the people on it. Students learn concepts and life skills but also develop a sense of gratitude for everyone and everything around them.  We recognise the important role that parents, caregivers, and community members have in providing a safe and nurturing environment and when that is not present how to navigate, how to forgive, and how to move forward.

We strive to achieve equality by providing the best learning atmosphere, and activities that are appropriate for the group.  In all classes, we also develop a sense of gratitude for everyone and everything around us.

Whether you are taking a mindfulness wellness class to improve mobility, flexibility, the mind, or the breath.  Whether your teen is coming to improve the quality of their life or you are coming to dabble in the science of healing and the unknown world of energy we want you to know you are safe and we want you to enjoy the space. The world as we now know it is very dynamic and we want you to experience that and see what is truly available after attending I AM WHOLE.

Most importantly everyone is welcome, there is zero discrimination for you or your family regardless of race, gender, social and community groups involvement, and everyone will be treated fairly and equally. We have a zero-separation policy.


Data privacy and security are important in any industry, especially education where minors are involved. To safeguard the interests of childhood learning in our youth classes, holistic learning relies on its community to protect the young. While it’s important to keep up with the times, our holistic learning for youths discourages unsupervised use of technology Teens will have to keep their phones in their bags until the end of the session.

Adult programs being released Dec 2024

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