Our water bottles are for healing benefits.  The intention is the first powerful tool in healing, and when working hand in hand with the knowledge, that is where the transformation of healing takes place. 


Our logo I AM WHOLE is a very powerful statement to have written on your water.  Studies have shown that the molecules of water transform when carried in a container that has a positive or negative worded label.

It is very important to have the right intention with everything we want to attract.  We must know we were born whole, we are whole.   Knowing this and aligning with our energetic and physical makeup is where the real power of healing occurs. 


Read the product information inside to see which bottle best aligns with you. Remember you are whole, affirm I AM WHOLE, and know that the clearing of the past can occur if we are brave enough to walk forward.

I AM WHOLE hopes that you enjoy these Wellness products.

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