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Holistic Practitioner in Greenwood

Learn From a Reiki Master Near Me at I AM WHOLE.

The art of Reiki came into practice under the tutelage of Dr. Usui, the first known individual to practice working with the universal life force. Developed as a system of self-care for himself and others, Dr. Usui would go on to treat thousands of individuals as a local Reiki practitioner until his passing. Now, years later, you can enjoy this beneficial process from your favorite local Reiki practitioner at I AM WHOLE.


Hire the BEST Holistic Practitioner in Greenwood

If you are new to the world of Reiki or are merely looking for a local Reiki practitioner to learn from, our team at I AM WHOLE would be excited to help you out. We are a small boutique studio dedicated to teaching our clients the arts of meditation, Reiki, and other aspects of holistic health. For individuals looking to cut their teeth on the art of Reiki, we advise starting with our basic Reiki Level 1 Course.

The Reiki Level 1 Course available at I AM WHOLE serves as an excellent introduction to this ancient form of universal healing. Through this two-day course, you will learn the history of Mikao Usui as well as how to feel and manipulate Reiki energy. During the span of your course you will be guided by your I AM WHOLE Reiki master to learn how to cleanse your surroundings, detox your spirit, and practice healing on animals and loved ones.

At the end of your Reiki Level 1 Course, you will have the option to continue to the next level of classwork. Reiki Level 2 is the practitioner level and it is here that clients are initiated properly into the healing practice. Reiki 2 practitioners will increase their mastery of Reiki energy while learning how to apply their education and guidelines in the practical world while working with others. Advancing past Reiki 2 will lead interested individuals to the REIKI MASTER COURSE which involves five days of group work throughout a six month period.

A trip to I AM WHOLE should involve an enlightening, welcoming, and wholesome experience. Intending to provide you access to the tools and techniques necessary to feel better and more whole, we hope that you enjoy any of our many selected services.

As we are a small boutique studio, reservations are first-come and first-serve. If you would like to set up a class with the best Reiki Master near me, head to our Classes Page to select your booking. Through an introductory Reiki Level 1 Entry Course, you will gain access to not just Reiki energy but to the universal life force that flows around ourselves and others.

I AM WHOLE is excited to become your favorite holistic practitioner in Greenwood, today!

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