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Please call us if you would like to discuss payment plan options.
$4400 per person
$7999 per couple


Mon 13th March - Mon 20th March

7 nights in Karrijini.

3 day colon cleanse

3 day water fast or intermittent fasting. (fruit delivered to the tent for lunch only).

Vegan dinner on arrival to prep for fast, and vegan breakfast and fruit on the way home in the bus to maximise nutrition hitting the body at a cellular level.

3 couples deluxe tents available

16 single shared tents available

All supplements included.

Practitioner Work Included:

Shared Spinal Flow sessions daily.

Ease with Flow yoga.

Breathwork Classes

Meditation Daily

Sound Session every night before bed.

Bus from Karratha Airport to Karrijini and return.

This 7-Night Detox Retreat is perfect for those who …
•    Need support in their first stages of health
•    Seek detoxification 
•    Wants to heal body and mind in a peaceful remote location
•    Wants to get healthy while relaxing
•    Needs a safe place to get away from all negativity
•    Needs privacy while relaxing 
•    Needs to recover from illness
•    Wants to stop bad habits
•    Wants to heal from trauma
•    Wants to clean up mentally and physically
•    Wants to increase positive energy 
•    Is ready to take their health to the next level


First Day arrive and served vegan food to prepare for the detox protocol

3 day Colon Cleanse commences. I AM WHOLE detox tea and supplements all provided.
Clear vegan broth zero calories served if required between 5 pm to 6pm

Water fast 3 day OR Intermittent fasting (fruit only for lunch)

Last day home served fresh fruit to allow the first food intake to hit nutrients into the cells at a maximum rate.

Our retreat includes the following:
•    Daily Spinal Flow treatments
•    EASE with flow a very slow flow sound salutations class
•    Guided meditation sessions  
•    Breath Nervous System Classes
• Filtered water & supplements for colon cleanse, and water fasts supplied.
•    Vegan Food for the arrival night and day trip home.
•    If you would prefer to do intermittent fasting we can organise a fruit plate to be delivered to the room daily for lunch only. 
•    Transfer from Karratha Airport to Karrijini Retreat and return.  This is a group trip we will all be traveling together.

Understanding digestion and our body's natural cycles and healing abilities.


8-12 Hour Cycle of Fasting – Food being eaten, digested, micronutrients being absorbed, digestive track doing its work. The last time one eats the body is in the assimilation process, it’s the taking-in mode. If you then take for example this jab the body is also in the process of taking it into the cells and brain membrane.  When one eats the liver only stores enough glycogen for 8 hours. 8 hours is the average metabolism. During this cycle, your body would run out of glycogen at 2 am and the body would go into the nutritional ketosis stage breaking down the fat. 

When ketones come out fast it is good for your brain. You are at maximum ketosis by 24 hours if you are fasting and your digestive system is clear. Most people need 48 hours of water fasting to get to this stage with having an overload of plaque in the digestive tract.

After 8 hours of not eating, you get an increase in Human Growth Hormone which is great for Muscle, Bone Growth and to feel good all-round. If you get up every morning and exercise you burn off the left-over glucose in your blood as well as increase your production of Human Growth Hormone. People can and do drink black coffee to burn off glucose a bit sooner before exercising. I do not personally do this because of my stress and adrenals being affected, but it does prevent nausea in the early stages. This will allow you not to get heavy withdrawals from caffeine too early in if required though.


12-16 Hour Cycle of Fasting – Autophagy. Reduction of Visceral fat, plaque, scar tissue, and old damaged protein. Reduce microbes, fungus, and yeast. Most scientists would say at about 14 hours autophagy keeps in which means to easily digested. Our body starts to scavenge all the waste and go into cleanout mode, detoxification mode. If you stop eating at approx. 6-7 pm and wake up in the morning, your body is in detoxification mode. If you have a thick film on the tongue in the morning this is because your body is telling you it’s filled with toxins. By supporting detoxification, we wake up in the morning and feel good. By eating breakfast straight away you feel better and this is because you are suppressing your body’s natural ability to detox and it goes back into the digestive. On a normal diet to allow the body to run at optimum we should be allowing 8 hours for assimilation, 8 hours for digestion and 8 hours for detoxification. This is the best way to remove visceral fat in the arteries, heart, and liver.

So most blood markers are from undigested protein most of the time. Eating daily between 12pm-6pm /7 pm you are having your body function naturally at the optimum level. It doesn’t matter if you eat vegan, paleo, vegetarian, etc it’s going to clean the body up either way. Cellular repair starts to occur, including the Mitochondria in the digestive tract. Fasting is the only method that completely resets your metabolism.


24-hour Cycle of Fasting – Full Ketosis. Gut healing, fat burning. Brain health. Insulin sensitivity. When you are in full ketosis your body is in fat burning your body starts to release embryonic stem cells. With long-term supervised water body's spinal cords have fully regenerated themselves, organs healed and blood cleansed. The body is designed to regenerate itself and it does this through full ketosis.

Embryonic stem cells regenerate all of your body, eyes, brain, skin, and bones. We have an inbuilt system of regeneration, but we are not trained to go long enough for this to occur. 

At 24 hours we are in full ketosis and this is good for your gut, you are burning a lot of fat ketones are good for your brain and you are creating a lot of insulin sensitively which is good for diabetics.


48-hour Cycle of Fasting – PKA Suppressed. Cell self-protection starts to commence. Uptake of Stem cells occurs. Stem cells have plural creation ability which means they can uptake a place anywhere in your body. During a 30-day, water-fast people have regenerated their livers. Lyme disease has been seen to be healed within 21 days of water fasting.


72-hour Cycle of Fasting – Immune System is fully reset. Autophagy and human growth hormone reach their peak. To get to this cycle you would need to drink water, tea, and coffee with nothing in it. No milk, sugars. At 72 hours your body can fight disease, and infections, and can completely reset the immune system.  

Three days of Colon Cleanse, within two days you will start cleaning out. The colon cleanses will clean out all the plaque and toxins whilst feeding all the good bacteria with its digestive nutrients. This will allow the water fast to be more effective it can also rid the body of up to 5kg of waste and plaque which can get stored in the colon creating poor health.

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