When we take control of our thoughts, feed our bodies the fuel it best operates with whilst cleansing our organs, connect with our inner truth, and fill our bodies with light energy with letting go of old emotions and past stories, we become free.

We realise we were born whole and have always been whole; it's just old patterns and old wounds that need attention for healing.


Reiki Healing

International clients and distant healings can have their pre apt on Skype or What's Ap

Reiki is an alternative healing therapy using energy. It emerged in Japan in the late 1800s and involves the transfer of universal energy from the practitioner’s palms and intention to their patient.  Incredible for stress reduction, relaxation, whilst assisting with internal states of healing. Reiki helps with managing stress, promotes harmony and balance, helps with deep relaxation. Dissolves blocks whilst bringing balance back to the mind, body, and spirit. Clears the mind and helps with focus, aids one to help with sleep quality, and compliments other treatments whilst relieving pain and supporting physical healing. 

AUD$65 / 45 mins(15mins consult 30 mins Reiki under 16)

AUD$80 / 45mins (15mins consult 30mins Reiki. Adult)

AUD$110 / 1.25hr (25mins consult 60mins Reiki under 16)

AUD$140 / 1.25hr (25mins consult 60mins Reiki. Adult)

AUD$190 / 1.55hr (25 mins consult 90mins Reiki. Adult)

AUD$120 (distant all ages and concessions, no consultation everything is organised during booking)

Nutrition Consultation

International clients can have apt on Skype or What's Ap

I AM WHOLE will work with you on an individual basis to achieve measurable improvements in your health through nutrition whilst removing toxins from your body.  We can assist with a detox plan, immunity plan, nutritional plan that works for you as an individual, weight loss plans, as well as parasite and candida cleanses.  This will improve energy for life, a healthy body, and a healthier you.

AUD$100 (Under 16) Health program or

Healing program

AUD$120 (Adults)Weight loss program or Health program

AUD$150 (Adults)Detox, Cleanse Healing program

AUD$220 (Adults)Detox, Cleanse,Healing program, Maintenance program

Sounding Healing Practioner Session

Sound healing private session using crystal bowls (10) Gong work, Tibetan Bowls, Chakra Chimes, Drumming, Vocal, and energy work. I have developed a cutting edge intuitive therapy combining both Sound Healing and Energy Work, every session is different from the last  These sessions will allow you to address physical and emotional imbalances in your body whilst you discover your ‘electric body’ and biofield, and how sound can harmonize your electromagnetic energy to address physical and emotional imbalances in the body.

AUD$75 (all ages and concessions)1hr private session in the I AM WHOLE Sound Studio

AUD$140 per couple (all ages and concessions)1hr private session in the I AM WHOLE Sound Studio

AUD$200 per family 4+plus (2 Adults)1hr private session in the I AM WHOLE Sound Studio

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

International clients can have apt on Skype or What's Ap

Neuro-Linguistic Programing has been used to treat fears and phobias, anxiety, poor self-esteem, stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, and overall reduced quality of life due to various psychological issues.  the I AM the WHOLE therapist will work with you to uncover your thinking, behaviors, emotional states that prevent you from moving forward, as well as your future aspirations to work towards.

AUD$150 (Adults)60 mins incl 

worksheet materials

AUD$90 (Adults)45 mins incl worksheet materials

AUD$190 (Adults)90 mins incl worksheet materials

AUD$110 (under 16)1hr incl worksheet materials

Flower Essence Consultation 

International clients can have apt on Skype or What's Ap

Australian Bush Flower Essence unlock your full potential, resolve negative beliefs, and create emotional health, and wellbeing. This consultation involves a Flower Essence assessment and includes the remedy bottle of 5 to 7 different flower essences. 

AUD$88 (all ages and concessions)

Energy Healing & Breathwork (using a combination of healing modalities) 

This Healing Session is a combination of breathwork, crystal healing, sound healing, Shamanic Practitioner work, and energy work. I work with angles, light masters, and practice a wide variety of holistic healing methods. This consultation includes all cleansing materials used on the day,.. Every session varies from client to client.

AUD$120 (Under 16)1hr

AUD$150 (Adults)1hr

AUD$180 (Adults)90mins

AUD$220 (Adults)2hrs

Energy Healing & Breathwork (with combination modalities) & Reading

This Healing Session is a combination of breathwork, crystal, sound healing, Australian bush flower essences, and energy work. I work with angles, light masters, and practice shamanic healing methods. This consultation also includes your tailored remedy bottle, all cleansing materials used on the day, and your session notes emailed over ( you will receive notes 1-3 days post-session). Every session varies from client to client.

AUD$280 (Adults)2.5-3 hours

AUD$150 (under 16)  1.5hrs +

Under 16 clients for all sessions must be accompanied by a parent except for NLP

Important Session Information

I AM WHOLE  Holistic Practitioner services are all based around helping people heal the mind, body, and emotional pain body by using our training in health, energy, and mind/coaching work. We aim to integrate new knowledge or a new perception for you to take into your world. 


I AM WHOLE runs weekly classes; please inquire about these classes if you are looking for regular activities at a lowered price. Our Sound Salutations Yoga Class and Sound Meditation is quite therapeutic and is only $25 for 1 hour. Our boutique studio holds 3-7 people in our sessions.

​Please be read our session times as some of our sessions run from 45mins to 3 hours.

After the Energy Healing, Reiki Healing, and private Sound Practitioner Session, we strongly suggest that you take the rest of the day to integrate and rest from the internal work.

​​For anyone who has a  disability or significant illness, please contact I AM WHOLE direct and we can evaluate your circumstances against the prices.  We are happy to work on this with you so you can heal. We also donate classes, sessions, and programs to hospitals, community programs and correction services, please visit our Trike Akeso page to get more information on these holistic programs.​

I AM WHOLE promotes that when we go within, when we heal, repair, and align ourselves with peace, good health, great movement, and by letting go of the past no matter how severe, the world we live in transforms.